Easy to Update WordPress Websites by DoodleIT

Many think that WordPress is just a platform for blogging but we at DoodleIT understand that it’s much more than that.

Support and maintenance packages for WordPress websites

WordPress is the preferred platform and used by website designers Worldwide.

62% of companies in the US use WordPress. Companies like Sony, Walt Disney, MTV, BBC, and New Yorker all relying on their services.

WordPress currently holds the top position in the Content Management System market, commanding over 62% of all websites. Other platforms fighting for the rest of the market. Even 2nd biggest platform has only 2.7% of the market.
DoodleIT recognise the advantages of developing their websites based on a tried and trusted platform. We also provide a comprehensive maintenance package for WordPress taking care of all software updates and security concerns. Backups of all your data are performed daily.

WordPress offers a wealth of features allowing us to create stunning websites.

But it’s not just a pretty face, WordPress is loved by search engines. Its clean code allows search engine bots to easily crawl your website to ensure it can index and rank so your user’s can find you.

WordPress websites designed specifically for You!

Updating and Maintaining your WordPress Website

You’ll be able to make updates to your website easily and even add meta information for search engines too.
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