WordPress Blocks Part 3

In this final part of the WordPress Blocks articles, we’ll go through creating layouts within your pages to improve the presentation.

Rows and Columns

To improve the presentation we’re going to use rows and columns. To do this you can use either the default ‘Columns block’ or if you’re a DoodleIT client you may have the option to use the more flexible ‘Row Layout block’

Default Columns Block
Advanced Row Layout Block

As you can see both options have various column widths to choose from as well as the number of columns. Use these to structure your page to your desired layout. Note: You can add more than one of these blocks to your page to achieve a varied layout of say 1 column, then 3 columns to 2 columns.

Multiple column layouts using the Columns Block

Adding content to your newly created layout

Once you’re happy with your layout you can begin adding your imagery, text, buttons etc to your layout. To do this simply click on the + symbols to add your content blocks such as headings and paragraphs as discussed in parts 1 & 2.

Make sure to use the Preview option to check your work prior to going live and as always if you’re not finished you can always use the save draft function and come back to it later.

Saving and publishing your page.

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