Will a Blog Help My Website?

Do you want your website to do better in search results and wondered will a blog help my website?

We think it will and we have incorporated enough blogs into websites to know.

WordPress Blog

A blog such as a WordPress blog it allows you to create 100s of different articles about your core products and services. This means you are now targetting a whole new set of key phrases surrounding your website’s theme.


If your website is developed using the WordPress framework then you could make use of it’s blog features.  This is an excellent way to create articles to support of your products or services and will help you rank higher for your search terms on Google.

My Blogger


Your blog can have many categories to help keep your articles organised and a search box will help your users find the content they are looking for.

Can DoodleIT setup my WordPress blog?

Yes we can setup your WordPress blog.
Contact us via email for cost.

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