Why can’t I delete some emails from my WebMail?

This article about webmail sets out to explain some of the settings you can use to customise how it works.

If you are trying to delete old emails from your WebMail, you may receive a thread error.

This means that some of the emails you are trying to delete are older than the emails Thread Support is checking. Since WebMail is designed to show all emails in threads (rather than as separate emails), if the emails are older than the emails Thread Support is putting into threads, it will have an issue with you trying to delete them.

The default Thread Limit is six months, but you can change the Thread Limit up to ‘Infinite’. Or you can turn off Thread Support, delete the emails, and then turn it back on.

Both Thread Limit and Thread Support are in your WebMail ‘Settings’ tab.

If you still can’t delete emails, but you’re not getting an error, this is probably due to your mailbox being full or very close to it. Because of how WebMail deletes emails, you will not be able to delete several emails at once. Instead, go into each email and delete them individually.

Don’t forget that you will also need to delete them from Trash too!

Alternatively, if you access the mailbox via a mail client, you can delete the emails as you wish. See setting up IMAP

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