Welsh spelling and grammer checker for websites

If you’re looking to develop a Welsh language or bilingual website and are looking for some help in checking spelling and grammar then this FREE tool may be your answer!

Cysgliad is a software package incorporating Cysill Welsh-language grammar and spelling checker as well as the Cysgeir collection of dictionaries.

Of course, it’s not just there to help you with your Welsh language website! If you have children at school and aren’t a fully bilingual parent then this could also be of assistance to you.

DoodleIT is aware of the importance of the Welsh language when it comes to meeting the needs of your clients. We have been providing bilingual website design since 2003.

There are other alternatives such as using Google translate. Google translate can be added to your website as a small flag or drop-down allowing the user to view all text in that language. The translation is automatic and machine translated. As such it isn’t perfect and often the errors can be significant. The advantages are simplicity.

We provide fully bilingual brochure websites and eCommerce shops. Give Peter or Anthony a call on 01824 702375 if you’d like to discuss your ideas.

How to get Cysgliad