Website Updates Made Simple with DoodleIT

When it comes to making changes to your website, DoodleIT keeps things straightforward. We provide hands-on training for a chosen member of your team, enabling them to efficiently handle updates. Our commitment extends to ongoing support, ensuring assistance is readily available whenever challenges arise.

Requesting Website Changes with DoodleIT

If you’re considering enlisting DoodleIT for website modifications, you’re in good company.

Numerous businesses, educational institutions, and councils rely on our expertise to implement changes on their websites.

Our pricing is highly competitive, offering a superior alternative to investing hours in DIY efforts.

Beyond cost-effectiveness, our clients appreciate the added value we bring. We not only ensure that the alterations align with search engine optimisation standards but also enhance the overall visual appeal of the website.

How to make changes to my website.
Making changes to my website.

Mastering WordPress Updates

With a little practice, you can navigate the world of WordPress updates with our practical guidance. Learn the essentials of content updating, ensuring your website remains current and impactful.

How does it work?

You send the changes to us and we make them for you, usually within 24 hours.

  • We resize images as needed.
  • We rename them to make them search engine friendly.
  • We add ALT tags and descriptions making them meet accessibility guidelines.
  • We convert Word Documents to PDF to be more secure and accessible to all.
  • We create new pages as needed.
  • We can also embed videos from YouTube.

We invoice monthly.