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eCommerce Website

Wildwood Designs is a specialist furniture making company, offering high quality furniture, paying particular attention to the customer’s needs and individual styles.

This website is fully eCommerce and is updated regularly by the client, adding images, new products and sections as needed.

Client comment

Reviewed by Sally and Jonathon Harkinson
Wildwood Designs

We had been considering for some time whether it would be in our interest to have a web site as we already have a shop but wanted to sell further afield. Doodleit gave us lots of advice and helped us through the process. Being quite computer illiterate they talked me through the process in simple terms and I have learnt a lot from it.

We have a simple yet well thought out and designed website, just what we need to sell our products. We were very happy with the final outcome and it has created another selling element to our business.

The whole process is quite time consuming but well worth the effort if you want to improve on your retail business. The setting up of a website can be very expensive but Doodle it offered us a very fair competitive price and have delivered.

  • Project eCommerce Shop
  • Responsive Yes
  • eCommerce Yes
  • Bilingual No