St David's High School Website Design

School Website Design

St. David’s High School is located in Chester.  Their new school website design is both mobile friendly and open to expansion allowing more pages and section to be added when they need them.

The design of the website is made clean and light while still being eye catching and informative.

Customer comment

Reviewed by Sean Virgo
— St David’s High School

DoodleIT worked on the design of our website to our specification before the end of the last academic year.

They communicated with us every step of the way ensuring we were totally happy with the design and look of the site.

They took all of our requests on board and made sure they were completed wherever possible. They would not hesitate in letting us know if something wouldn’t look right, and would suggest an alternative.

They were easily contactable via email and telephone throughout the process and still offer support whenever it is needed and are very quick to respond to requests or queries.

The website looked totally professional and very well designed once completed. They always keep checking it when it is being updated by staff and inform us of anything which looks out of place or in need of change.

I would highly recommend DoodleIT for any future projects.

  • Mobile Friendly? Yes, a fully responsive design
  • Content management system (CMS) Yes, website updates can be made through the back office