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Review by David Podger – Colton Search

Excellent service all around. Very highly recommended.

We needed something up and running quickly and DoodleIT were the only firm (of four reached out to in the area) who got back to us and made a commitment that they would deliver in a tight time frame, which is exactly what they did.

On the business side Peter had a good consultative approach which spoke to a broader business background. We provided all content & Peter gave us solid feedback.

On the technical side Anthony came up with pretty much what we asked for and walked us through the site – all within less than three days from kick-off. He responded to our edit requests and was able to turn this around in 12 hours.

So it was about three days from “let’s do this” to “here it is”. Excellent. Highly communicative. Many technical folks like to hide behind email but doodleIT were quick to pick up the phone.

Most importantly there was a technical issue that quickly came apparent – nothing at all to do with DoodleIT but rather the offshore hosting company that hadn’t configured their settings appropriately. Peter & Anthony, early on a weekend morning, were on it right away, figured out both the problem and the solution and everything was resolved quickly. That’s the mark of an excellent business partner.

Very highly recommended.