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DoodleIT is experienced in providing web design Dolgellau. We have worked with local businesses in Dolgellau such as Guthrie Jones and Jones Solicitors, Esgair Wen Holiday Cottage and Pen y Bryn Holiday Cottage.

We are aware that Welsh is a prominent language in Dolgellau and is spoken widely. We provide a fully bilingual web design allowing you to update your pages easily in both languages.

Some examples of web design in Dolgellau

Web design Dolgellau
Solicitor | Web Design Dolgellau
Example of our web design Dolgellau service
B&B Web design Dolgellau

Clients in Dolgellau & North Wales

We have many clients in Dolgellau, North Wales some of which have been mentioned above. You can click on the links above or here to see our full website portfolio.

Web design for businesses in Dolgellau.  Bilingual web design Dolgellau.
Dolgellau North Wales

Things To Consider Before Building A Website

We have worked with many businesses developing bilingual websites and eCommerce websites throughout Dolgellau.

It’s important to know what the goal of the website is, and then build from there.  Do you want an eCommerce website, a brochure website and maybe make it bilingual? We offer completely bilingual websites that allow the user to browse with ease in either Welsh or English and switch seamlessly between languages if desired.  It can help you reach a greater number of customers and gives users the option to view your services and or products in their first language. Combine these for a good user experience.

If you’re a shop owner and looking to capture customers on the web an eCommerce solution would work well.  Not only does it allow your customers to order online with delivery but it also directs new users into visiting your shop to browse and hopefully make a purchase.

It’s important to get the planning done first so you don’t end up backtracking.  If you have ideas but are not sure of all your options or what to do next give DoodleIT a call at 01824 702375, we’re happy to help!

What We Can Offer You in Dolgellau

Some of the website design services offered by DoodleIT:

  • Full content management system so that you can update your own website if you wish to do so
  • eCommerce services allowing you to take payment online
  • Support via email and telephone
  • Fully bilingual in Welsh and English
  • Hosting services with daily backups
  • Domain name registration which is always done in your name and means you have complete ownership
  • We also provide logo design and help for start-up businesses
DoodleIT example of their web design Dolgellau service

Local Website Designers

DoodleIT works with many businesses in and around Dolgellau.  Being local helps us to get to know our clients and their businesses so we can offer the best service possible. Face-to-face meetings allow us to get to know each other and our businesses.  Sometimes ideas just can’t be typed in an email or said over the phone.

Although we prefer to have face-to-face meetings, sometimes they aren’t possible.  We have clients we have never met face to face in Italy and Greece and despite this have still been successful in managing communication via phone, Skype and email.

So if you’re looking for a website design Dolgellau give us a call today at 01824 702375 and we’ll do our best to help you and your business.

We also provide a web design North Wales service.
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