Using Social Media to Promote Your Website

There’s a lot to be said for using social media to promote your website.

Building an audience can take time and it’s not easy but can be well worth the effort.  There are a few pointers we would like to share with you to help optimise your efforts in promoting your website online.   Try to incorporate these ideas into every post you make.

Some ideas for creating Facebook posts

  1. Make sure you place a link back to the most appropriate page on your website for more information on the subject.
  2. Keep your message to the point and make the topic clear in the first line or 2.
  3. Choose an appropriate and eye catching image.
  4. Try to offer your customers something back if you can, like a discount for today only or some useful information which can help them.
  5. Make sure you promptly answer any questions your users ask.

I hope you fine the above ideas helpful and if there was only one point I could adopt I’d make sure it was number 1.

Thank you and happy posting!