Using Google MyBusiness for your website

Reach your local audience first!

We have always believed that the first place to start marketing your business and website is locally, for us that’s in Denbighshire North Wales.

But my website is already showing in Google?

Even if your website’s pages are already indexed on Google, you can earn a more prominent position within search results by creating a free listing on Google MyBusiness.

Using Google MyBusiness for your website
Using Google MyBusiness for Your Business

Getting the right information on your Google MyBusiness listing and website is crucial!

Make sure you add all the information about your business, like contact information and your website URL, and it will automatically show up when people search for your particular business type on Google or Google Maps.

This is something you can do yourself but there are important things to consider if it is to work well for your website.

One of those things is to match identically the company name and address on your website with your GoogleMyBusiness listing.

You will also be able to provide your customers with a place to make reviews of your services.

You can add special offers and post articles about your services. All these offers and articles can be shared quickly with the click of a button on your social media platform.

Need help?

DoodleIT can also do this for you and make sure all the pitfalls are avoided. Get in touch with Peter or Anthony to learn more by calling 01824 702375 or emailing

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