Transfer a Domain Name

How to transfer a domain name to DoodleIT.

Transferring a domain name needn’t be a difficult task if the steps below are followed properly.

Transfers are normally FREE (but not always so check first). At DoodleIT we promise to transfer your domain name away from us within 5 minutes and it’s completely FREE of charge.

Transfering a to DoodleIT

To do this all you need to do is request the following from your current provider:

  1. Please change the Nominet TAG to EXTEND and inform me once this has been done.

Let DoodleIT know when this has been done and the transfer will be complete.

NB Ownership of ALL domain names will remain with the client and NEVER with DoodleIT.

Transfering a .com to DoodleIT

This process is more complicated but this is what needs to be done:

  1. Ensure the administrative contact email address is
  2. Unlock the domain for transfer (ask your current provider to do this)
  3. Request an authorisation code if applicable from your current provider
  4. Request DoodleIT to initiate a transfer (we action this within the hour)

Send any authorisation codes to DoodleIT. It is important that the steps above are carried out in the correct order. Point 1 is critical and the single most frequent cause of transfer failiure.

We then wait for a confirmation email to be sent out to the administrative contact and once received we confirm this.