Things to do to help my website rank better

Things to do to help my website rank better
Article about website rankings by DoodleIT North Wales

Having a great looking website is only part of what’s needed when I’m looking for things to do to help my website rank better.

Without going into too much detail I have tried to put together a basic guide to some of the most basic actions that will get the most bang for your time!

There is no golden arrow that will solve all your SEO or marketing problems, more often than not it’s an accumulation of the little things  that add up and in turn improve your website’s visibility not only on Google but also in the local community.

HTTPS encryption

Google is now favouring websites that use https encryption even if they don’t sell things online.  They see themselves as trying to make the web a safer place and favouring websites that do use https only helps them achieve their goal.

GDPR compliant

GDPR is not just a bit of code or even a box to tick.  It’s about respecting people’s privacy and only collecting and storing data that you absolutely need in order to do business with them.  We think this is important for trust and will only encourage your visitors to make contact with you.

Blog or news whichever you prefer

Keeping a blog we believe is important as it achieves a lot in terms of SEO.  Try to create a blog at least every month.  If your blog is about a new widget make sure your blog also has a link to your new widget page on your website.  Try to make every blog at least 300 words long and include a small / medium sized image with the correct ALT tag.

Social media

We prefer Facebook but many of our clients swear by Twitter, especially schools.  If you make a blog post on your website remember to create a social media post too with a brief summary, an image and most importantly a link back to your blog post on your website.  Tying things together this way can really make a difference.

Consider having like and share icons on your pages.  This allows visitors to share something of interest on your website with their friends and family on their social media platform. A powerful and FREE way to publicise your website without any work from you!

I often see people create social media posts quite regularly but omit to link the post back to their website.  This is a wasted opportunity so every time you post on social media make sure you link back to a page on your website.  This can be your home page if the topic is general or if it’s about a specific product or service link directly to this page instead and not to your home page.

Facebook groups

Never forget that people like to shop local and engaging with people in your local area is vital.  You’d be surprised as to how many people will remember you when they move elsewhere and what out of town work can come from this.

Find out what local Facebook groups exist for your area.  Join them as an individual and then when your business makes a post share that post in those groups with some text of course.  Maybe something like:

If you’re looking for a local plumber in Denbigh give XXX a call for a friendly, prompt reliable service that won’t break the bank!

Get active and communicate with people about what you have to offer.

How important is my content?

People used to rank high on Google by stuffing their meta keyword tags with all the words they wanted to rank high for, same goes for their meta title and description tag.

BUT this doesn’t work anymore..With Google content is KING.  Your content must be unique, never copy from another website as it will cause you no end of trouble with the search engines.  Create unique and interesting content and if it’s an important page aim for at least 300 words.

Once you’ve written your content consider what search phrases you want to rank high for, keep this to 1 or 2 phrases only, preferably one!

Incorporate this phrase into your content around 3 times.  Also think of related keywords around your main phrase, an example would be:

Main phrase:
Cycle coaching North Wales

Associated words to include in your page
cycling, coach. fitness, FTP, bike, training, nutrition, health etc etc. Now make sure you work these words into your content also.

Google adwords

We think this is the last thing to consider when looking for things to do to help my website rank better is embarking on a Google adwords campaign is wasting your money if you don’t have the above in place first.  Google will penalise you if the search phrases in your adword campaign relate to a page on your website that isn’t optimised well for those specific phrases.

The result is you pay lots of money to drive unqualified traffic to your website.  By unqualified traffic we mean people who are very unlikely to buy your products or use your services.

Need to discuss?

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