SSL Encryption for Websites

The purpose of this post is to make you aware of the recent changes regarding HTTPS encryption and offer some background information.

SSL Encryption for Websites

Some time ago Google started considering HTTPS as a factor when deciding the PageRank of a website or blog.   Essentially that implied that Google favoured websites using HTTPS and listed them higher in the search results pages.  The advantages were always very marginal and didn’t always justify the extra cost of having HTTPS encryption.

All eCommerce websites have an SSL certificate and use HTTPS so they will not be affected.

The problem is Google has now decided to take this to another level and will begin to mark HTTP websites as “unsafe”, and warn users about websites that are not using HTTPS.

Websites and blogs are being listed in the search results as HTTP despite not having an SSL certificate.  This results in an “unsafe” warning appearing which causes visitors to be unsure and is unsettling.

However, after the new change is in effect, even safe websites that have no malware will be marked as “unsafe”.

This change is being promoted as safeguarding the user and the greater web, however many view this as more of a monopolistic move by Google.

We have seen some of our websites affected already and understand that changes are now being rolled out by Google gradually.

By “forcing” webmasters to use HTTPS, Google may or may not make a safer internet, but it surely is making life difficult for the average user who just wishes to have a generic blog or website without any eCommerce functionality.

If you would like to know more about what can be done or should you experience any warning signs please call or email us.

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