Social media for websites

Does Social Media Help Drive Traffic To Your Website?

Does Social Media Help Drive Traffic To Your Website?
Using social media on your website can be a good thing!

Webistes & Social Media

Creating social media pages for your business is a great idea and will help to generate more interest and traffic over time.  Keeping your customers informed and getting your customers involved in your products or services is what it is all about.

We can offer advice on what you should be doing and how to get the best from social media for your website. At the very least make sure all your posts link back to the most appropriate page on your website.

Social media ‘like’ & ‘share’ options for your visitors

Adding like and share icons to your web pages will allow users to easily share your content across social media platforms which are fantastic for your website!

Keep your customers informed!

We tend to let our Facebook followers know about new website launches as well as new services etc. Over time your following on Facebook will grow.

It is important not to forget about your followers and become inactive, keep them informed about FREE services, great products or interesting articles.

Having a ‘Follow Us on Facebook’ icon on your website can be a good way to increase your audience, don’t forget about adding this to your eMails too!

Many people in the know now claim Google is using social media activity in their search algorithms now.

In most cases, we can add like and share icons to your pages to help expose your products and services to a wider market.

Need help?

As always we will be happy to offer our opinion on what would work best for you and your website.

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