SMTP & IMAP Port Numbers

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Please find below a list of SMTP and IMAP port numbers for email with DoodleIT.
Ports and servers without SSL:
IMAP – port 143 – mail.yourdomain
SMTP – port 25 or 587 – mail.yourdomain
Ports with SSL:
IMAP with SSL – port 993 – mail.your domain
SMTP with SSL – port 465 – mail.your domain

SMTP operates on both port 25 and 587, as some ISPs block port 25.  Our SMTP servers do require authentication through SMTP AUTH, and do not support SSL/TLS.

Your outgoing SMTP server is: is the domain name that you have a mailbox on.  If your email address is, your SMTP server will be

To use the SMTP server, you will also need to tell your email client that the outgoing mail server requires authentication.

You may need to specify the username and password for this authentication – simply enter the same username and login as you use for your incoming mail.

Encryption such as SSL or TLS will also need to be disabled in order to connect successfully.

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