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Mobile friendly responsive websites in Conwy by DoodleIT

Is your website mobile friendly?

More than half of UK adults own a smartphone or tablet and as technology improves, owners are browsing the web more and more on mobile devices.

Making your website mobile friendly enables it to adapt and be viewed efficiently on different sized media devices, ranging from extremely widescreen desktops all the way to the modern smartphone and pretty much everything in between.

What are responsive layouts or responsive websites?

Responsive means your website adapts to different viewing devices. Images are flexible and change size to suit screen width and columns collapse into 1 on mobile phones. Navigation also collapses into a tidy mobile friendly view.

Responsive website design means you have one website that works on all viewing devices.

Designing a responsive website

A lot of design work and thought still goes into responsive layouts but the focus is on presenting the content in a user friendly way rather than getting the WOW factor with a flashy over designed layout.

DoodleIT can provide you with mobile friendly website design, also known as a responsive design in North Wales or in fact anywhere else UK wide!

Provide your mobile customers with a less cluttered experience and faster page loading times.

Some of the benefits of having a responsive website design are:

  • Mobile friendly contact information
  • Easier to read text on mobiles
  • Friendly navigation that works on all mobile devices
  • Faster loading times
Talk to us about responsive web design
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