QR Codes for Websites or Print Work

There is much hype at the moment about QR codes and we have been asked by several clients if this is something they should be doing.

There are many opinions out there and I guess it depends on who you talk to, this is my take.

A QR code is really just a link which works best on print media, things like business cards or leaflets etc where you can’t just click on a hyperlink. J

ust make sure that if you are linking to something that that something is mobile friendly! It can also work well for contact details if you want to give people the option of sending information direct to their mobile phone.

QR codes for websites?

Well this isn’t quite as useful as it only really works if you are seeing it on a normal PC / Mac and have a mobile handy which can scan QR codes. It doesn’t work for mobile browsers as they can’t scan something which is on their screen. I think as far as websites go the rule is always offer a conventional alternative and yes they can be used for contact details but I’m not sure of the practical benefits of other uses.

No doubt this technology will improve over time.