Is your website GDPR compliant?

From 25 May 2018 a new law comes into effect which covers the way you and your website deals with people’s personal data.

The very basics are that if you have any type of forms on your website you need explicit acceptance of your GDPR policy which must state why you are collecting their data, how you store it and how they can have it removed, there’s a little more to it than that but there’s the essence, transparency..

If you use Google analytics then you also need to obtain explicit acceptance of this from your visitors. Normally a pop up banner with a link to more information and how to disable cookies etc.

If you’re also storing people’s data online then you really must have a very good reason to do this beyond it being helpful to you.

If you use third party data processors like Google Mail or even MailChimp this needs to be covered too and made transparent to your users.

We are not lawyers and certainly not even experts in the GDPR’s but we think we have a reasonable grasp of what they are trying to achieve, and we also think it’s about time we took people’s privacy more seriously.

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