How to update my WordPress website

How to update my WordPress website
How to update my WordPress Website

Having a website is great for your business, we all know that!

It allows our customers to find our address, telephone number and email so they can get in touch with us. We can also give information about us and the products and services we sell.

But how easy is it to update and add new pages and sections?

Not all WordPress websites are built the same. The basic WordPress functionality lends itself to bloggers and not specifically to website owners wanting pages.

Choosing the right theme can make all the difference as each theme will differ in how easy it makes it to do these basic tasks of adding pages and content.

DoodleIT customises WordPress so that our customers can manage their websites with the most basic of knowledge.

We set everything up so it looks right with good logo placement, main navigation, footer and carefully selected fonts. We also choose colours that work well with your logo and business type.

Our website support package includes everything you’ll probably need from the domain name, website hosting with HTTPS, daily backups, software updates, security software and support via phone and email.

If you run a business you need to make sure that your website does not let you down and that’s where DoodleIT can help.