How to resize images

Resizing images with Windows

you can click on the link below to find information on FREE and simple ways to resize images on a PC.

There are other options available.

Resizing images with a Mac

To resize images on an iMac all you have to do is open your image with the ‘Preview’ application.

First find your image and right click to show more options.  From these options select Open With  > then Preview.

How to edit an image size on an iMac

Your image should then open up in Preview and look something like this:

How to resize images on an iMac - Doodleit North Wales

Resizing Your Image

From here go to Tools and Adjust Size… at the very top of your screen. The images below will help you find this.

Adjusting image size on iMac using Preview

Reducing image sizes in iMac to lower website loading times

From here make sure ‘Scale Proportionally’ is selected and then edit the height or width values to your desired size.  NOTE: If you untick ‘Scale Proportionally’ and edit the sizes your image will most likely become distorted and unpleasant.

Editing and resizing website images to reduce loading times

Saving Your Changes

Once complete click OK and make sure to save your image by going to File, then save at the very op of your screen.