How to encrypt your email address from spam bots

Don’t make it easy for the spam bots to harvest your email address. Use HTML entity encoding to make it more difficult for the spam bots to harvest your email address.

Email Address Encryption

How to encrypt your email address from spam bots

Use the adjacent form to take your email address and convert it to HTML entity encoding making it more difficult for the spam bots to harvest it.

Encrypt your email address

How to use the code

Copy the code above and insert it into your HTML. Your email address will not appear in your source code where spam bots look but your actual email address will display normally for your visitors.

If you are using WordPress or similar make sure you place the code inside an HTML block.

Enhancing Email Security: The Importance of Password Managers and Uncompromised Passwords

In today’s digital age, email has become an indispensable tool for communication and collaboration. However, the convenience of email also comes with inherent security risks.

Cybercriminals constantly target email accounts, seeking to steal sensitive information, distribute malware, or engage in phishing attacks. To safeguard your email and online identity, implementing robust security measures is crucial. One of the most effective steps you can take is to adopt a password manager to generate and manage strong, unique passwords that have never been compromised before or appeared on password lists. DoodleIT recommends using at least 30 characters in all your passwords.

The Threat Landscape

The internet is rife with data breaches, where millions of login credentials are exposed. Unfortunately, many users still use weak passwords or reuse them across multiple accounts, making it easier for cybercriminals to gain unauthorised access. Moreover, attackers use sophisticated tools to carry out brute-force attacks, attempting to crack passwords by systematically trying various combinations. To counter these threats, users need to take their email security seriously.

The Role of Password Managers

Password managers are secure and convenient tools designed to generate, store, and manage complex passwords for various online accounts. These applications offer robust encryption, ensuring that your passwords are protected from unauthorised access. By using a single master password to access your password manager, you can keep all your credentials in one place without compromising security. This approach significantly reduces the risk of weak or reused passwords, as well as the need to memorise complex combinations.

Creating Uncompromised Passwords

Password managers excel in generating strong passwords that are resistant to brute-force attacks. These passwords typically consist of a mix of upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters. A significant advantage of using a password manager is its ability to create lengthy passwords, often referred to as “passphrases,” which are nearly impossible to crack. By opting for a 30-digit passphrase, you enhance the security of your email account exponentially.

The Power of Uniqueness

One of the most critical aspects of email security is ensuring that passwords used for different accounts are unique. Reusing passwords increases the chances of multiple accounts being compromised if one of them is breached. Password managers make it easy to generate distinct passwords for each site or service you use, bolstering your online security significantly.

Protection from Data Breaches

One of the key features of password managers is their integration with breach monitoring services. These services continuously scan the internet for data breaches and compromised credentials. If your email address or any associated passwords are found on a breached list, the password manager will prompt you to change them immediately. This proactive approach ensures that your email account remains protected even in the aftermath of a data breach.

Ease of Use

Some users may be hesitant to adopt password managers, fearing complexity or inconvenience. However, modern password managers are user-friendly, offering browser extensions, mobile apps, and seamless integration with various platforms. The convenience of automatic password-filling, form-filling, and password generation makes using a password manager a breeze.


In the digital era, safeguarding your email account is paramount to protect your personal information and prevent unauthorised access. Implementing strong, unique passwords is a fundamental aspect of email security. Utilizing a password manager to generate 30-digit unique passwords that have never been compromised before or appeared on password lists is a robust defence against cyber threats. With the added benefits of password monitoring and ease of use, password managers provide a secure and convenient solution for maintaining your online security and peace of mind. Don’t wait until it’s too late; start using a password manager today to fortify your email security and stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.