How to avoid spam

Website Spam

The internet and email are good things to have, but as with all good things there are some who go out of their way to spoil it for the rest of us and the internet is no exception!

We can’t stop all spam but if you are receiving excessive amounts of spam it is important to tell your webmaster or website designer as there are steps that can be taken to help.

Information to Provide

Provide your webmaster with the following:

  • Origin of spam | Is it from a website form or a normal email?
  • 3 examples of each type of spam, web form and normal email.
  • Frequency of spam

Website form spam

This type of spam is probably the easiest to prevent, just let your webmaster or website designer know and provide examples.

Traditional email spam

This is more difficult to solve and tightening up the spam filters may not work if your email address has been compromised (displayed anywhere on the web).

Provide examples to your webmaster or website designer.

You may need to change your email address and set up another one for giving to unknown third parties such as sign-ups etc.

Protecting your email address

Never display your email address on a website in plain text as this will be harvested by spam bots and retained eternally for future use. There are ways of scrambling your address so robots can’t read it, speak to your webmaster or website designer about this.

If you are listing your website or business on another website that requests your email/contact details then rather than providing them with your email address, point them to your contact page. E.g.  or use an email address dedicated to this purpose which you don’t normally use.

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