General Email Settings

Our POP3 email accounts can be accessed on almost all devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones.  In addition, each device can use many different types of software to collect email.   All you will need is the information below under Email Settings to set these devices up.

We are not familiar with all these devices and nowadays there are literally hundreds of different ways and devices people use to collect email.  If you’re having difficulties it may be best to contact the supplier of your device or software.

There are some general email settings you need when setting up email.

Email Settings

Account Name

This is normally your email address eg


This can be found in your control panel or you can ask us

Incoming Mail Server

(Remember to replace with your actual domain name!)

Outgoing Mail Server or SMTP Server

(Remember to replace with your actual domain name!)

You may also use the SMTP server required by your ISP internet service provider or 3G / 4G network provider, some companies insist on you using their SMTP settings.

Make sure to use port number 587 and we recommend STARTTLS encryption.


This is for emergencies only and we don’t recommend using this method as a default method of collecting email but it can be very useful at times.

Log in to using your email address and it’s password.

Hope this helps.