eCommerce Website Design

DoodleIT provides a fully supported eCommerce Website service. From traditional online shops to booking systems and virtual products such as gift vouchers or downloads. We also develop a fully bilingual eCommerce website design service with completely separate pages for both English and Welsh. We’ve developed 100s of websites across North Wales since 2003!

Example eCommerce website design

eCommerce Website Design
Restaurant booking system website
Example eCommerce website design  by DoodleIT
Jewellery eCommerce website

Mobile-friendly eCommerce websites

Our eCommerce websites are simple to use and put you in control.  

You have the flexibility to add product categories and products.

Making changes to your eCommerce website is easy.  You can make changes whenever you need to.  Many key features are included as standard.

Fully featured eCommerce websites

Our startup eCommerce website design has all you need to get online.

The functionality of eCommerce shops can vary a lot, so please talk to us about any specific needs you may have.

6 key points to remember for your eCommerce website

  • Include for example the keyword “earnings” in your product name if they are earrings! Another example is Size 4 Playground Swing.
  • Make sure your product descriptions are completely unique and never copy from elsewhere. Include keywords and the category name they are in.
  • Your descriptions should be full, don’t use very short descriptions that don’t fully explain the use and benefits of the item etc.
  • Your images must be exceptional and name them to match your product name.
  • Make sure all images are the same size and consistent with the background used.
  • Choose your product category names carefully and ensure they work from an SEO perspective too.
Payment processing using Stripe for eCommerce websites
Woo commerce web design
Taking online payments with PayPal

Non-eCommerce shop pages are also provided:

  • Home page
  • FAQ page
  • Contact page
  • About / history
  • Services
  • Terms & conditions
  • GDPR policy
  • Delivery policy
  • Privacy policy
eCommerce website for restaurants.
Wholesale Restaurant Supplier
Horse riding eCommerce website
Event bookings and member fee collection

And when you need help we will be there to advise!

Advice on meeting the various DSRs (distance selling regulations) that apply to your business.  Help with your terms & conditions, delivery policy and privacy policy.  We can also help advise you with the best delivery cost method to employ.

Payment providers for eCommerce Website Design North Wales

We use a FREE business PayPal account or a Stripe account to take online payments.  PayPal is an experienced and well-trusted payment provider that your customers will instantly recognise and feel comfortable with. Stripe is also well recognised now and growing. Transaction fees are also generally lower.

We are also happy to integrate with other payment processing companies.

Key eCommerce features include:

  • Add new products
  • Add more than 1 image to a product
  • Add a PDF download for specifications etc
  • Change prices easily
  • Add options such as size and colour
  • A search box
  • The ability for customer reviews
  • Feature bestsellers on the home page
  • Customer account section
  • Ability to share
  • Delivery policy (we help with this)
  • Terms & Conditions (we help with this)
  • Privacy policy (we help with this)
  • Flexible delivery costs
  • Pick up in-store option

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You can also find out more about traditional websites on our web design North Wales service page.