DoodleIT’s Website Support Package

Our website support package allows you to make updates to your website including adding new pages, sections, images, PDF downloads and video. You also have access to change your navigation as needed with an easy drag and drop system.

However, we have found that often something gets changed and doesn’t look quite right. Or, you want to achieve something but don’t know how to. This is where our website support package really makes the difference.

Our website support package includes the following

  • Registering your domain name every year so it doesn’t expire
  • Providing website hosting with HTTPS encryption for security and compliance
  • Keeping your software updated to ensure security is as tight as possible
  • Using the latest version of PHP
  • Taking daily backups of your physical files and databases (each retained for 7 days) so in the event of something going wrong we can restore quickly and without cost
  • Giving you advice on setting up email
  • Managing your DNS if required so it can work with Google Apps or Office 365
  • Providing professional security software to help protect your website from hacking and this can include 2 factor authentication if required
  • Providing support via phone and email to assist when things go wrong and to show you how things work as needed
  • Having someone to call and discuss ideas with or the best way of achieving a specific objective

Ongoing support by phone and email for your website

Our website support package is here just for that reason.

When we develop a website we stick around for the long term and we take care of the essentials without you even knowing we are there.

Having a website that runs smoothly is essential and having someone there to help and advise when something goes wrong is invaluable!

Web design North Wales with ongoing support via phone and email.
Website support package by DoodleIT
Website security and two factor authentication
Website help and support by DoodleIT

Security for your website

Security is something we are passionate about as we know how devastating a successful attack on your data can be.

Often the weakest link is your ADMIN password so make sure you’ve read our article about creating a strong password.

Software updates are also a weak link and so we ensure software is updated daily if required and plugin vulnerabilities are identified and dealt with.

We also take daily backups of your files and databases.

Often we find that the most reassuring aspect is that we are only on the other end of a telephone.

Our costs are extremely competitive and transparent. No hidden VAT to add or discounts for the first year to entice you in only to charge much more in the coming years. We pride ourselves in being open and honest from day 1.

Hosting companies charge separately for hosting, domain registration and even email. We don’t. Make sure you add up all the costs carefully. These hosting companies do not provide website support as we do and you can’t just pick up the phone and talk to them about problems or ideas as you can with us.

Transferring your website to DoodleIT

If you have a website hosted elsewhere and you’d like us to provide our support package we can transfer your website to our server at no additional cost. Same day service.

We will transfer both databases and physical files. We will also make sure the installation is secure by adding security software and advising you of any weak aspects.

You can decide if you want to keep your domain name where it is now or if you’d like us to manage this for you.

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