Creating a Facebook Post for Your Website

Posting to your social media account/s about new products, news or anythnig else related to your business is a great way to keep in touch with your customers and even find new ones! If you’re not there’s no point having these accounts to start with. A dull inactive account isn’t helping anyone but an active account with new posts each week or even each day has a great chance to flourish.

Making your Facebook posts better!

Linking from your Facebook posts to your website is a great way to direct traffic and provide further information to the people that have found your post.

It’s frustrating to read through a post that really catches your interest to be left hanging without further information or as is often the case, no real and meaningful contact information or next step.

Add a link to your contact page so people can get in touch or linking to a particular product your advertising so customers can quickly click straight through to the product to purchase. For general posts just link directly to your home page. Making it easy for customers can only be a good thing.

Adding a link to your Facebook posts

To add a link to your Facebook posts you first need the link address. Open a browser and navigate to the website page you wish to link to. In the address bar you’ll see the full URL or link address of this page. You want to highlight all of it and copy it. My example below is for our homepage.

Creating a Facebook Post for Your website
Creating a Facebook Post for Your website

Now all you have to do is go to your newly created post and paste in your link.

Creating a Facebook Post for Your website
Creating a Facebook Post for Your website

Adding imagery to your post

Once you add your link to the post, Facebook will often draw an image from page which once clicked would take the user to the page. This is great as it adds colour and interest to your post but what if you’re not happy with the image Facebook has chosen or want to add different ones?

To edit / add to the image chosen, all you have to do is select an image to add to the post instead. Look for the ‘Add to this post’ section and select the green ‘image/video’ icon. This will bring up an option to upload a new image to use. Broswe to your preferred image and click open. Your image should now have updated. Below is the edited version of my screenshot above.

Edited Facebook image link
Edited Facebook image link

Once you’re happy simply publish your post . Feel free to go back and edit the post should you spot any issues that need correcting.

Tracking the success of your posts.

Tracking your posts success can help you fine tune your posts to best appeal to your customers. This may even include the frequency and time of publishing.

Browse to your Facebook Publishing Tools section and then to Published Posts to see some stats. Select one of your posts here to see further stats that can help.

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