Community Council Websites North Wales

If you’re looking for a website to manage your community council DoodleIT can help?
Designed exclusively for community councils in North Wales. DoodleIT can offer you a modern, responsive and easy-to-use website design for your community council.

We will show you how to make changes and upload minutes and agendas etc with ease. Of course we will also be there to help if things go wrong.

DoodleIT have developed many Community Council Websites across North Wales.

Community Council websites need to adhere to certain legal requirements in order to comply with current guidelines. Here in North Wales they are normally bilingual.

Example Design of a Community Council Website
Example Design of a Community Council Website in North Wales
Community Council Websites North Wales
Community Council Websites North Wales

Key Requirements for Community Council Websites

  • Websites need to be hosted securely using HTTPS
  • Data needs to be secure and backed up regularly
  • Documents need to meet accessibility guidelines and be available in PDF format
  • Contrast needs to be sufficient make it easier for visually impaired users to see content
  • The structure needs to work with modern screen readers
  • Fonts need to be clear and of a specific size
  • Clear contact information and affiliations for councillors

Typical pages required for a community council website in North Wales

As a guideline to meet current best practice we recommend the following pages for community council websites:

Home page

This is normally an introduction to the area with some nice imagery showing local buildings or views.

Community councillors

This page will be used for councillors contact derails and affiliations. It is also nice to have a small headshot here too.

Accounts or financial

This page is used for audit reports, statements and annual returns.

Meeting dates, agendas and minutes

This page lists planned meetings and agendas along with minutes of past meetings.

Notices and planning

Any planning applications and notices can be listed here.

Public documents

Any public documents can be listed here

NOTE: It is always best practice to use PDF documents over Word or Excel as these documents can present a security risk and be easily modified.

Whilst updating pages is very easy we will always be here to help if you need assistance. We provide training in the use of the website.

A Website For the Wider Community!

We usually recommend broadening the reach of community council websites to not only deal with council business but to also highlight the community in general.

Pages for places to visit and see as well as information about local businesses can make the website more useful for the community.

Community Council Website design with Contacts, Minutes & Agendas
Community Council Website design with Contacts, Minutes & Agendas

What Pages Should a Community Council Website Have?

We recommend that you have the following pages so you can provide all the required information. You can always have more pages if the need is there:

For The Community Council (required)

There’s lots of information that a community council needs to display on their website. This list is not comprehensive but a good beginning and covers the basics.

  • Home page
  • Community Councillors contact details
  • Meetings, Agendas and Minutes
  • Notices and Planning
  • Public Documents
  • Accounts and Financial Information

For The Community and Areas (optional)

We find that adding information for the broader community encourages residents to use the website as a community hub also.

  • Local Businesses
  • Local Organisations
  • Key places to see and visit
  • News and Events
  • A Little History
  • Key Contacts

What Next?

If you’d like to know more about creating a website for your community council please contact DoodleIT on 01824 702375 and speak to Peter or Anthony.