Domain Names

EU domain names and Brexit

Brexit notice from the .EU registry We are more than happy to discuss your individual circumstances and try to come up with a solution but essentially what you’ll find below sums up where we are curranty at. EURid, the registry that manages the .EU domain, has released a Brexit notice detailing how the .eu regulatory framework will…

What is a Domain Name?

One of first things to consider when starting a new company is your website address. A domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser to visit your website. For example, Think of your website as a house and it’s address is your domain name! The extension of your…

Transfer a Domain Name

How to transfer a domain name to DoodleIT. Transferring a domain name needn’t be a difficult task if the steps below are followed properly. Transfers are normally FREE (but not always so check first). At DoodleIT we promise to transfer your domain name away from us within 5 minutes and it’s completely FREE of charge….