Why Can’t I Send Email?

There can be many reasons why you can’t send emails.  Some of the more frequently seen issues are covered below.

What SMTP (Outgoing mail server) Should I Use?

DoodleIT clients can use mail.yourdomainname.co.uk with their password.  Don’t forget to replace yourdomainname with your actual domain name!

Some ISPs / Internet Service Providers and 3G / 4G networks require you to send email via their SMTP server.  In these cases, you will need to contact them to ask what SMTP server settings you should be using.

Still Can’t Send Email?

It could be that your IP address has been listed on several blacklists.  It is not unusual for 3G / 4G networks to be listed on blacklists.  However, it usually takes more than a couple of listings before problems with sending emails begin.

Once your IP address is listed on several blacklists mail servers will begin to block you.  They must do this to avoid the possibility of their entire mail server getting blocked which would affect many other people.

Has My IP Address Been Blacklisted?

To find out what your IP address is visit http://www.whatsmyip.org/ and make a note of your IP address.

Next, visit https://mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.aspx and enter your IP address to see if it has been listed anywhere.  You can also get further information about what to do next.

Getting Another IP Address Allocated

Sometimes when an IP address is allocated dynamically you can acquire another one by simply resetting your connection (on 3G / 4G Networks) or router (on office or home WiFi).  On a phone or tablet just disconnect from the network and after a minute reconnect again.  On a router just turn your router off and then on again.  Often this will result in you being allocated another IP address which has not been listed.

For more help or information visit https://www.doodleit.co.uk/contact-doodleit/ to contact us.

Thank you and hope you found this article helpful.