Welsh Language Websites | Bilingual

Living in North Wales we understand that it’s well worth considering your audience and giving some thought to whether they will expect to be able to read your website in their native language, Welsh!   We can offer some advice based on your target market and the nature of your products and services.

Our content management systems allow you to create and update pages in both Welsh and English.  Users may switch between languages at any time and from any page within your website. All content can be translated and this includes the main navigation.

Welsh language websites

If you’re thinking about having a bilingual website it’s also useful to have your logo designed in such a way that makes it bilingual too!

Welsh translation for bi lingual websites

Pages are normally populated in English to make translation easy. You can do your own translating work or we can use an approved translator!

We use an approved Welsh language translator with web experience and translation rates are competitive and charged per 1000 words.

Our approved translator has experience of working within a content management system and translates all content including the important meta tags for Google Cymraeg.

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