1 Page Website

If you are looking for a presence on the Chester Wellness Centre website please read these guidelines for content.

What we do

We will create a page for you on the Chester Wellness Centre website. The page will also be linked in from the directory and the services tab.

The page will be optimised for search engines using your chosen primary search phrase. Imagery will be resized and optimised for Google. All necessary meta title information, meta description information, ALT tags and image descriptions will be created and optimised for the best results.

The total one-off cost is £60 all-inclusive.

1 Page Website
Business Web Page

What we need from you for your web page

For your web page, we will require the following information. We can also provide a content writing service if you require this. You will be allowed to fine-tune and amend as needed before going live.

We realise that 300 words may seem daunting so if you can’t manage this much text that’s fine. It’s a best practice guideline and not a hard rule.

  • A primary search phrase – An example would be Chartered Physiotherapist Chester
  • Around 300 words or more of text describing your services and the benefits.
  • A logo and/or a photo depicting the services you provide. A photo of you can also be used.
  • Any contact information for customers to get in touch with you?
  • Any social media links you require.

Please send the content either in an email or as a Word document attached to an email. PDF is problematic. Any images can be attached to an email but don’t embed them in a Word document as it tends to reduce quality.

Thank you, hope this helps and as always we are here to help by phone or email if you need to discuss anything about your web page.

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